Sunday, June 5, 2011

Papa Paparazzi

Those of you who follow me on Twitter have probably already seen this... but, I wanted to take a moment to share it with those who haven't.

After realizing I couldn't make it to the grocery store today (due to my car battery being dead - that's a story for another day), I stopped by the corner market that is one block from my apartment to pick up a few essentials (milk, bread, etc). I was still extremely frustrated because I had just returned from the parking garage and was texting my mom and dad to vent about my car when I heard an "excuse me ma'am," behind me in the aisle. (Yes - I had stopped in the middle of the aisle to text) I turned around and was in the process of becoming extremely ticked off when I see Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell trying to pass me. Oooopsss! I politely smiled and apologized in the biggest southern accent I could muster. I finished grabbing my grocery items and ended up behind Senator McConnell in line and was able to snag this picture. (Good thing the Secret Service Officer was outside the door and couldn't see me - otherwise I would have felt like a total creep).

After I posted this on Twitter, my stepmom texted me:
Diane: Cool! Does he never go casual?? (FYI - He lives on the same street as me so I've actually seen him a few times out and about)
Me: Not that I've seen.
Diane: Guess he doesn't dare. :-)
Me: Yep. Too many paparazzi like me! 
So yes - I'm THAT girl!

We are the crowd
We're co-coming out
Got my flash on, it's true
Need that picture of you
You know that I'll be

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