Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All Over the Place

This week has already been all over the place and it is only Tuesday! To say this week has been a little stressful would be a small understatement... but hey, that's life! To start off the week - on Sunday I realized my car battery was dead after I tried to make a trip to the grocery store. On Monday I was able to have my car jumped off on my lunch break and I drove it around for a little while to charge the battery. All is good right? Well...I've recently been weighing the pros and cons of having a car in the city. Should I keep it up here? Should I send it home to Tennessee? Should I put it up FOR SALE? Lets just say after all this car trouble, I'm leaning a little toward the last option. Beyond that, today was just an overall stressful day at work - then I went to go to the grocery store... I get to the garage, and of course, Holly the Honda won't start. Looks like I'll be calling AAA for a new battery at some point this week.
On top of that, I've really been missing this guy... (LOOK AT THAT FACE!) - As some of you know, I went home for Memorial Day weekend and got to spend some quality time with my pup. Every time I see him and then move back it's super depressing. I know you might be thinking... well, heck... do you not miss your family? Well YES, of course I do! But, there is a difference. I can talk to my family at any point, I can't talk to Peyton. AND, my family knows that I left because I came to chase my dreams in Washington D.C. Peyton is a dog, he doesn't know why I left, he just knows I left him behind. And, that breaks my heart daily.
While I was at home I got him (and Pearl) this cute little doggy bed at TJ Maxx ($25). Isn't it cute?!?! It matches the living room perfectly!
Hopefully one day my Mr. Peyt-Mann will get to move to D.C. to live with me! What a happy day for me that would be! (Sad for my momma though - I am so blessed that my momma is taking care of Peyton while I am here. To be honest, he loves her a lot more now. It's like mom and I completely reversed roles. She is his new momma and I'm so glad he loves her so much) THANK YOU MOMMA (aka Kia)!
So - what are some positives? Well, my June edition of Southern Living arrived yesterday.
AND, Sevier County made this months edition!!! I've never actually been to Wilderness of the Smokies, but maybe I'll have to check it out. It was listed as one of "The South's Best Pools." All of you in Tennessee should go check it out!
This isn't really a positive - but kind of funny. I've been telling people at home that when you go to the store in D.C., if you don't have your own bags, you get SERIOUSLY judged. Well, on my visit to Subway this past weekend, I learned that not only do you get seriously judged, but now, you also get charged! Can y'all imagine Tennessee trying to implement something like this. That would NOT fly at home trying to force people to "Go Green."
Major positive - the monogrammed note cube (and clipboard, not pictured) that I wrote about here finally came in! Isn't it adorable? It's actually comical how happy new office supplies can make me. (Right, Whitney?!)
And last, but not least... look at this adorable new coffee mug I bought for my desk (to serve as a pen/pencil/highlighter holder). It's red with cute little elephants. How appropriate for my desk! =)
Just like this week, this post has been all over the place. However - it's looking up! I have family coming to town tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited!!! I hope you enjoyed the updates!

I'll leave you with a quote I saw today...Have a great rest of your week!

"I love the man who can smile in trouble, gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection." - Thomas Paine

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  1. I can TOTALLY understand missing the dog!! (Love his little pics!) and YES...I can totally understand the love of office supplies. (they are stinkin' cute!) :)