Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And Guest

Receiving a wedding invitation can be a stressful experience. I know what you’re thinking. Weddings are stressful? No way…

In a relationship: “I love weddings. How romantic! I can’t wait to plan my own!”
Single: “I love weddings. How fun! I hope the bridesmaids/groomsmen are single and good looking and I really hope they have an open bar!”

Weddings are supposed to be exciting. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part they are; however, we’d all be kidding ourselves if we didn’t admit that sometimes being invited to a wedding can cause a brief moment of selfish stress. Let me explain.

What causes this brief moment of selfish stress? Answer… two words:

“…and guest”

Such a simple phrase, but yet it can cause stress whether you are single or in a relationship.

In a relationship: “I better be ‘and guest-ed.’ Why did he/she get a plus one and I didn’t? What if they give my ex a plus one and not me just because he/she is in the wedding party? Did he/she get a plus one just because they are engaged and we aren’t? I’ve known the bride/groom longer!”
Single: “What if I’m not ‘and guest-ed?’ Or, what if I am? Just because I’m not in a serious relationship doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to bring a date. I’ve known the bride/groom longer than all these fools. But wait, if I am and ‘guest-ed,’ who will I take?

Catch my drift? Don’t lie; we’ve all been through it.

Recently, four (yes four – and I have a feeling a couple more are coming soon) of my close girlfriends got engaged. Before we go any further, let me just say I could not be more excited for these four women. They are four of the most wonderful people I know and I can’t think of four people who deserve happiness more than them. I love them all so much! Let me introduce you:
Aren’t they beautiful? (And, wow! Blast from the past!)

All of these wonderful ladies are getting married between June–July of 2012. What does that mean for me? It means I better start saving money so I can travel back to Tennessee for their big days!

What else does it mean? It means I’ll soon be stressing out about being “and guest-ed.” I don’t expect to be “and guest-ed” at all four weddings (trust me ladies, absolutely ZERO pressure here, I’ve learned from experience that weddings can sometimes be more fun without a date), but I probably will be for a few of them.

So, as a single twenty-something who lives at least 500 miles away from these weddings, what are my options if I am “and guest-ed?” This is what I’ve come up with so far:

1.     Find a serious man --- and fast!
Ok, let’s all be realistic… this probably isn’t going to happen. If you know anything about me, you know the story of my life is bad timing and distance. I don’t necessarily expect that to change anytime soon, but I’m optimistic. If I find someone in the next five months, then great! If not, no worries.

2.     Take someone I’m interested in.
This one could be tricky. It all depends on how interested and how long I’ve been interested. The same caveats apply to this one as apply to taking a friend.

3.     Take a friend.
Maybe take a friend who lives in Tennessee? Or, maybe take a friend of a friends date? Or, ask a friend from D.C. (or another city) if they’d like to take a road trip back to Tennessee for a big party? Everyone loves road trips and parties, right? I think so. A few caveats with this one (and with taking someone I’m interested in): He has to be fun, and I mean really fun. He has to be social. He has to get along with everyone, be a likeable person and be able to entertain himself. I don’t want to be babysitting all night. Liking to dance would be a plus. Sense of humor, that’d be great. Look good in pictures? Even better.

4.  Thank my wonderful friends for “and guest-ing” me, but graciously let them know I’ll be coming alone (I can always use the fact that I love 500 miles away from Tennessee as an excuse, right?) 
I’ll put on my dancing shoes and celebrate some of the most wonderful people I know with some of my closest friends and have the time of my life while doing it. 

Sure, there can be a little selfish stress along with weddings, but at least for me, weddings are some of the best nights of our lives. I love everything about weddings and with or without a date, I can't wait for this next wedding season to kick-off!

Congratulations Staci, Mika, Caitlin, and Annie!!! I love y'all!

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