Saturday, April 23, 2011

Have You Met Anyone

Since I moved to D.C. there has been one question that EVERYONE seems to ask. From best friends, to acquaintances, to family members, everyone seems to want to know....

 Well, for all of those inquiring minds... the answer is... no. I have not met anyone. While I am flattered that many of you seem to think that within the first two months of moving to such a huge city I would have already met and tied down my future husband, I've had no such luck. And to be honest, I am thoroughly enjoying the Miss that sits perfectly in front of my name.

Moving to D.C., I've arrived at a conclusion about relationships. Regardless of the intense pressure of growing up a "southern belle," I have no plans to settle down anytime soon. Outside of the bubble of southern college campuses and towns, there is no pressure to settle down by 23. In fact, it is quite the opposite. (Yes dad, you can take a huge sigh of relief - this just gives you more time to save up).

Since I've received so many questions (many from my blog followers - my favorite question "Have you met your Emmett?" in reference to Legally Blonde) about my relationship status, I figure it is only fair that I share a little about my "love life" with you to give a little insight about why I have been pumping the brakes a little in the relationship department.

I have two significant ex-boyfriends. Lets call them ExA and ExB (I will keep their names anonymous out of respect to them, and because I know at least one of them will actually read this - well, however respectful I can be while sharing details about our relationships - don't worry, most of the people reading this blog won't know who each of you are).

I can honestly say that now, I have a cordial relationship with both ExA and ExB. However, before reaching this status of cordiality with both ExA and ExB, things were tumultuous to say the least. The shaky path to cordiality with both of them seems to stem from females who came after me. With ExA, it was his next girlfriend (now ex) who was scarily insecure when it came to me. With ExB, it was, in his words "the biggest mistake of his life" rebound (also one of my "best friends") who for the longest time mistakenly thought they were on the path to marriage much to the humor of both of us. Out of respect to ExA and ExB, I'll spare the gory details. (If you are dying to know, just ask, I just won't share on my blog).

Needless to say, the whirlwind that followed both of these relationships in part helped to shape my current need to not rush down the aisle anytime soon. Although, it didn't hurt to get the last laugh in both cases.

In addition to my past relationships affect on my current view on relationships, I have so many things I want to do and accomplish and so many places I want to see before I settle down. Heck, I'm only 22 years old!

So here I am now, a young single in a huge city out on my own with no rush to settle down anytime soon. For now, I'm excited to focus on living my life and continuing to follow my dreams.

Have I met anyone yet? No. But, don't worry... I'll let you know  if  when I do.


  1. My response when I got the same question after moving. "Yes, I have met someone, Actually alot of someones. I've met alot of some really GREAT new friends!" :) I'm SO glad you're here in DC and can't WAIT to see what God has in store for you here! :)

  2. Oh my - I think you were me (UT grad, AOII), 10 years ago! Sadly, the questions won't end, but you'll have so much fun living here and meeting - as Whitney said above - ALL kinds of people!