Thursday, September 22, 2011

Erin Condren Life Planner

If you know me, you know I am as Gold as Gold personalities come (although yes, Allie, I do have a good bit of Blue in me). For those of you who aren't familiar with the True Colors model of personality identification, you can visit their website here. 

Some of the most notable traits of Golds are: organized, consistent, procedural, thorough, punctual, structured, and orderly. Golds are the people who make a to-do list daily. Golds are the people who go back and add things to their to-do list after they've completed the task if it wasn't on the list before. If you know me, you know this describes me perfectly. I am the QUEEN of lists. I've been made fun of many, many times for my excessive to-do lists and for even going as far as dating my to-do lists (Alissa). 

In case you're curious... some information I found about Golds online:
Golds value tradition (hello, this screams me), they are the record keepers, inspectors and caregivers. They enjoy family traditions such as birthday parties and family gatherings. (My family will appreciate this one - I pitch a fit every single time someone offers a new idea for a family holiday). Golds are very business-like and private. They believe their word is their bond, that everyone must be on time (pet peeve), organized and plan things through properly. They follow their to-do lists and seek closure since they prefer to do one thing at a time, do it very well and then move on. Golds view the world as black or white, right or wrong and are definitely the rule makers and rule followers of the world. They are the ones who act as the steadying element in our society. “Be prepared” is their motto. They form the backbone of institutions. They fill the places of worship, the service clubs and businesses. During their teen years Golds take on increasing responsibility. They will want to get jobs to save for their future such as their further education. They will have their rebellious times but these don’t tend to last as long as they might for other temperaments. They need to feel grown up and they want to take their place in society. Golds expect to be held accountable and to take responsibility. They cheerfully shoulder the load that they know needs to be done. They know someone is going to come along and ask them if they have finished some specific project and they want to be able to say that it is done. 

So, now (if you're actually still reading) you know more about the Gold personality than you probably ever wanted to know, but you might be able to understand how incredibly excited I've been about my new planner arriving since I have a strange love for planners, calendars and to-do lists.

In the past, I've used a Lily Pulitzer planner. I loved it, but it seems like they have become more and more popular and I wanted something different. Let me introduce you to the best thing that has happened to planners since some person with a Gold personality invented them...

The Erin Condren on-the-go Life Planner. After much anticipation, my life planner finally arrived this week!

Notice Erin Condren's attention to brand identity detail. I was so impressed with the packaging. Fun colors and inspiring quotes can be found all over Erin's products.
Inside I found a friendly welcome note and a free gift.
My life planner came with customized free gift labels.
How stinkin' cute! Mrs. Erin sure does know how to pull in a customer base. I will definitely be ordering from her in the future. 
I also received custom notepads to match my planner.

For my life planner, I wanted something cute, but basic enough that I could leave it out on my desk at work and not immediately be compared to Elle Woods. Cute and fun, yet sophisticated was my goal.
 I absolutely loved how the cover turned out.
Inside the front over. A place to put your name and contact information in case you ever misplace your planner.
As I mentioned, cute and inspiring quotes are everywhere in this planner.
One of my favorite things - TABS! They make the planner so easy to use. My only piece of constructive criticism is next time I hope they laminate the tabs as they did the front and back cover. I have a feeling these will wear out quickly. I can't decide if I want to try to prevent that by covering them or if it might add a little character. We'll see.
Next we have special dates pages to list important dates. This will be very helpful for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and will be helpful when transferring into a new planner after this one is complete in December 2012.
 Up next is a view of each month up until December 2012. This will be useful for long term planning.
Then we get to the individual months. Each month begins with a month view on sturdy cardstock.
 After a few notes pages, each week is broken down into morning, day, and night. Love this part! It also has a goals and to do list section for each week. Amazing!
Again, fun colors and cute quotes throughout.
 After all of the months, there is a section to fill in personal important numbers. (Work, Cell, Emergency Contact, Doctors, Dentist, Restaurants, Gym, Salons, etc.)
 What girl doesn't love stickers? Up next are six sheets of stickers. Some are already filled out (Party, Game, Birthday, Concert, Hair Appt, No School, Vacation, Wedding, Girls Night, Sale, Mani/Pedi, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Date Night, Massage, etc.) and then some blank stickers to make your own!
 Next is this awesome "Keep it Together" pocket. I plan on using this for postage stamps, stationary in case I need to send a note in a pinch, etc. It has a pocket on both sides.
 After the convenient pocket is a water proof Zip-Loc type pocket. It came filled with all sorts of personalized goodies AND a 10% off coupon for my next purchase. I'm telling you, they thought of everything!

 This shows where I put my personalized notepads. So convenient!
Another view.
 And finally, a full 2013 and 2014 calendar on the back cover.

If you are anything like me, I know you would absolutely love this planner. Erin Condren seriously thought of every detail you would ever need in a planner. For you brides and teachers... she also sales wedding planners and lesson plan books and I'm confident they are just as awesome.

If you've stuck with this post all the way to the end, I'm impressed. Don't forget to check out Erin's website. She has everything from these planners, to iPad stickers, to stationary, invitations, gift labels, etc. etc. etc.

Gold personality love to you Mrs. Erin. LOVE my planner. Thank you!


  1. thank you for the great post... we are thrilled that you love your planner so much! enjoy!

  2. Micah! LOVE THIS PLANNER AND LOVE YOU! So take down that second picture! It has way too much contact info in there sister! Don't want anyone snatching you up in DC! So cute though! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. This is the most amazing planner I have ever seen in my entire life. And, you completely convinced me to purchase one.